“Healthy” is a mindset

“Healthy” is a mindset

Our kids- as early as in elementary school- spent more than 20 hours a week behind a desk (which later on becomes 30 hours). Adults spend just as much time if not more at their laptops and desks at work. Kids are taught about bacterias and far- flung countries and their leaders, and that is all fine, but how come no one is teaching them about their own health and how to develop good eating habits. And nothing affects their future more than that! Why is this happening?

Kids know why eating (or drinking!) fruit matters

“What youth is used to, age remembers”- we all are familiar with this proverb. There is no better example of that than the epidemic of obesity we have been all witnessing around the world. The main reason is the lack of knowledge and the wrong approach to food. Which is why we have come up with our very own workshops for kids.

Parents are the first and biggest authority for their kids- also when it comes to eating habits. If you do not like how the table is set, turn the table! What if we showed the kids that healthy eating is in fact, delicious, full of colors, and actually very easy to make? What if we taught them that what they eat today will have an effect on their bodies in the future? And wouldn’t it be great if the kids could pass on that knowledge on to their parents?

Our very first workshops are already behind us: it was fun and delicious and very interesting! The parents were pleased and the kids- overjoyed! Some of our guests tried different types of berries for the first time. It was so nice to watch their reactions- how astonished they were that these little gems could be this delicious.

Eat fresh all year long!

Fruit is one of the best sources of a number of vitamins and microelements. Freeze- dried fruit, frozen or dried: all of these forms contribute so much! Even the most diverse diet out there will not be complete without the fruit. Even the best supplements found at a pharmacy can only do so much: they are just that- a supplement to our diet, an extra support. The problem with supplements is that our bodies do not absorb them entirely- only fruit can fill that gap in our diet.