Freeze- drying: your favorite fruit all year long

Freeze- drying: your favorite fruit all year long

Prolonging the season

Fruit that is small in size such as Haskap berries, also known as: Kamchatka berries, or other types: aronia berries, or currant- all of them tend to expire quickly. You have certainly witnessed how in comparison to apples or pears, raspberries turn lackluster the next day after purchasing.

Sometimes it feels good though to bake a blueberry pie more often than just once a year, right? Which is why processed fruit is perfect for that as it can be stored for so much longer. Aside from jams, jellies or marmalades, the most common ways of preserving fruit is freezing, drying and freeze- drying.

Is freeze- dried fruit right for me?

Dried fruit is left with 15% of its original water content. The fruit that is freeze- dried by us is left with only 1 -2 % of its original water content! Freeze- dried fruit is ultra- light and can be stored for a long time. Removing almost 100% of water from fruit means all the bacterias are gone as well as the environment suitable for mold. All of that means that thanks to sublimation, such fruit can be stored for up to 20 years! OK, you may ask- but what about all the health benefits?

It is clear that fruit is a valuable part of our diet because of all the vitamins it contains, not the water. Which is why freeze- drying is again the winner! Freezing and drying may cause the fruit to lose a significant percentage of its nutritional value. Thanks to sublimation- no such loss occurs, 1-2 % tops. The same goes for the taste and the aroma.

So if it is winter time and you are dreaming of a homemade blueberry pie, our freeze- dried berries are the answer: they are almost as delicious and aromatic as if freshly picked.