Frozen fruit: health and energy hiding in your freezer

Frozen fruit: health and energy hiding in your freezer

Everyone loves fruit- not only are they sweet and aromatic, they improve our health and general wellbeing. Filled with vitamins- they could almost entirely serve as a well- balanced diet, believe it or not. Vitamins play a major role when it comes to our mood. Does that mean that we can be in a great mood and feel energetic only during the summer and fall months? Of course not!

Why freezing fruit is a good idea

The first person to notice that freezing is an excellent way of preservation must have been a genius. Low temperatures either prevent or slow down mold growth. Which is why ages ago, people would simply leave the food out in the cold if possible- that was nature’s fridge.

In other words, freezing fruit is a great way to prolong the season and enjoy their taste anytime during the year. If you decide to choose our products- we guarantee great taste and quality for up to 12 months- as it is recommended to keep frozen fruit no longer than a year. All of that means that your good health and wellbeing is no longer limited to only a part of the year.

Is frozen fruit still as tasty as fresh?

There is a number of so- called urban legends and myths out there about fruit freezing. It is always good to know what the actual facts are, isn’t it? The key to high quality frozen fruit is obviously the right kind and the correct preparation before freezing. And this is where we come in: we guarantee truly best in class frozen fruit.

Is frozen fruit equally full of vitamins as in their fresh state? If the fruit you want to freeze is ripe and clean, nothing bad should happen. Frozen fruit will lose no more than a few percent of their nutritional value. Another myth that needs to be debunked: freezing fruit does not require adding any preserves or artificial substances. We do not do it and you should not either.