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Frozen fruit from our orchard is the best way to enjoy seasonal delicacies all year around. Now you can make fresh juice or delicious preserves in the fall or even in the winter time. Frozen fruit is also the simplest way to make sure all the precious vitamins and microelements remain intact. Thanks to freezing, the fruit gets to keep all that nutritious goodness. Fruit stores in low temperatures lasts much longer and can be easily transported worry- free.

We have been cultivating our family tradition of working with orchards for over 70 years now. All that expertise is the main reason why today we can also offer certified organic (bio) fruit to our customers.

All the frozen berry products we offer to our clients come from organic- certified farms. We offer a wide selection of berry fruit: blueberry, haskap berry, blackcurrant and aronia berry.

During our freezing process, the fruit does not lose any of its nutritional value that is so beneficial to our health and wellbeing.

We offer:

  • Blueberry

  • Haskap berry

  • Black currant

  • Aronia berry

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