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So how does one recall the taste of summer in…. December? The answer is: dried fruit. Berries are 80- 90% water. Fruit drying is an old, tried and tested and very safe method. Dried fruit can be stored for years; they also do not take much space in storage and can easily be transported (once dry, any fruit is literally a fraction of its original weight). Dried blueberries, blackcurrant or aronia berries- are just as suitable for baking and desserts. The entire drying process of fruit that is as fragile as berries requires knowledge and experience. Expertise passed on throughout three generations means that we know what we are talking about. Simply put: we know berries. Now we can also offer our clients certified organic berries.

Dried fruit is perfect for baking, desserts or as a healthy snack. Scientific research has proven that drying not only preserves all the nutritional value of fruit, but it looks like it actually increases it- or enhances, if you will.That is great news for all our clients who already know and love our haskap berries, blackcurrant, aronia berries or the blueberries from our orchards and plantations.

We offer:

  • Blueberry

  • Haskap berry

  • Black currant

  • Aronia berry

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